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Helping you bring them home

Your worst nightmare is coming true. Your phone rings in the middle of the night. The desperate voice of a friend or loved one is on the other end. He's in jail. He needs your help. Naturally, the first and only thing you care about is getting him out of jail, but the bail amount being demanded is more than you can afford. That's where Elko Bail Bonds comes in. We'll get them out of jail, and keep you out of debt.


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In a situation like this, the last thing you need is a bail bond agency who keeps bankers hours. Elko Bail Bonds is here for you when you need us, even in the wee hours of the morning, and on holidays. DUI on New Year's Eve? We can help. Kids' Halloween prank gone bad? We're here. We're a locally owned and operated bail bond agency helping the citizens of Elko, NV, through the toughest of times of their lives for over 35 years.
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Elko Bail Bonds is a licensed, bonded and insured bail bond agency with a 35+ year track record of getting clients out of jail and back to the comfort of their homes. We also have a long history of helping people other bail bond agencies have turned away for not having sufficient assets to meet the bail requirements demanded by the courts. We offer our clients the lowest rates in town, plus flexible options like weekly or monthly payment plans, and credit card payment.  


Elko Bail Bonds is staffed by folks who were largely born and raised in Elko. We know the ins and outs of the justice system and the particulars about Nevada law. What's more, our certified bail bond agents are discreet and professional. We know Elko's a small town and news travels fast. The fewer people who hear of your situation, the better for all concerned. If anyone does hear about it, you can rest assured they didn't hear it from us. 
Elko Bail Bonds is in the business of helping, namely helping ensure your loved ones don't spend anymore time in jail than they absolutely have to. We ensure that all the necessary paperwork is filed out quickly and efficiently with the courts, and that paperwork is ensuring that your loved one shows up to court when they're told to. If he doesn't, we can and will exercise every available means to get him back to Elko County. It won't be pretty, and you'll be held responsible. Don't risk it. Help us help you. 
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